Core Values

Who can Join?

Fun yet challenging youth development activities, using military structure and customs as a vehicle, but with a focus on the development of personal character and leadership skills.

We run one adventure training weekend every school term that can include Abseiling*, Mountain Climbing, Kayaking*, Rafting*, Diving*, Shooting*, and Parachuting*.

In addition to Adventure training we run a formal training module every school term over ten Friday nights and one weekend.

Warning: We make no apologies for being 'military' in our approach. We believe in a firm balance between fun and discipline, whilst setting challenging but achievable tasks. Individuals who cannot cope with those requirements should look to join other less demanding youth organisations.

What is Military Cadets?


To take charge of the team and earn it's respect and wilful followship, whilst achieving the team's objective.


To always do what is right, honest, and in the best interests of all concerned.


To do what needs to be done without being directed to do so. To find solutions to problems and just get them fixed without waiting for someone else to do it.


The physical courage to overcome fear of injury or discomfort and achieve the mission. The moral courage to always stand up for what is right regardless of the actions and views of others.



You must have commenced high school (exceptions may apply and absolute minimum age is 11).

►  Instructors

Our Instructors are ex-full-time military professionals from the Australian and New Zealand armies

► Volunteers

Adults with no military experience

Once cadets turn 18 they must become an Instructor or Volunteer.

Our Vision

That all our cadets go on to become successful leaders in our society in whatever career path they choose.

Our Instructors are ex-full-time military professionals from the Australian and New Zealand armies. All instructors and volunteers hold a blue card for Child Protection and a first Aid qualification.

Please Note: Military Cadets are a community based youth development group and does not form part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or the ADF Cadet Scheme.