You normally must have started High School, however the absolute minimum age is 11 years and 1 day old.

At what age can I join Military Cadets?

What is the difference between the Australian Army Cadets and the Military Cadets?

There are several significant differences between the two organisations. Military Cadets will accept you at a younger age and has greater freedom of action in what activities we can conduct because we are independent. We also parade on a Friday night in order to not conflict with school homework commitments. Both organisations have benefits and there is no reason why you cannot be in both if you choose.

Can I learn to shoot at Military Cadets?

Yes, however you must be at least 11 years and one day old at the day of the shoot and have your parent/guardian’s permission. A number of range shoots are conducted each year.

If a cadet misbehaves, what is the disciplinary process?

The Military Cadets has a “Military Cadets Discipline Code” outlined in Standing Orders.

On joining the unit, both the cadet and parent/guardian are provided a copy of the discipline code.  Parent/guardians are asked to acknowledge the code and give permission for their child to be subject to the code as a condition of membership. The code deals with basic military style offences like Insubordination, Failure To Comply With Orders, Absence Without Leave (AWOL) etc. Punishments may include a Verbal Warning, Formal Reprimand, Extra Duties, Extra Drill, Demotion of Rank, Suspension from the Unit, Dismissal from the Unit. The code does not deal with any matter relating to standing civil laws, such as assault for example. Any such matters will be referred to the cadet’s parent/guardians and the Police.

Can my child try the unit before signing up?

Yes, we strongly recommend that your child is suited to the activities and the discipline requirements within the unit, hence a 3 week probation period is mandatory.  All fees paid after that 3 week period are not refundable if your child then changes their mind and decides to leave.

How often do cadets meet and for how long?

Cadets run along the school term dates and meet on Friday nights from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.   Cadets do drill training, navigation, leadership exercises, camping skills and generally have fun on Friday nights.  We have a field camp weekend each term and a longer annual camp in September school holidays.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $110 per term (subject to change) and this includes the field weekend.  Other costs will include uniforms and equipment, some of which we can help supply to keep costs down.  Extra activities like abseiling, canoeing, and shooting have a cost involved as we use outside providers.  We have sponsors and fundraising to help cover these costs in some cases.